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JSC „Volfas Engelman“ has rich history and is one of the oldest industrial breweriest in Lithuania that exceeds the middle of XIX ages. In the interwar it was the biggest brewery in Lithuania and held 40 percent of all beer market.Now the joint stock company Volfas Engelman belongs to the Olvi group, settled in Finland. Enterprises in Lithuania, Estonia (AS „A.Le.Coq“), Latvia (AS „Cesu“),  and Belarussia („Lidskoe pivo“) belong to this group.


Kaunakiemio str. 2, 44354 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel. +370 37 32 43 45
Fax +370 37 32 15 03
E-mail: info@volfasengelman.lt

Export countries

  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Ireland
  • Gernany



The company's activities and production


Volfas Engelman Bravoro Pinta (Brewery Pint)

Volfas Engelman Bravoro Pinta is the first pint in a glass bottle in Lithuania. And this beer stands out not only because of its tall, elegantly shaped bottle. It is a unique blend of four types of hops: German and Czech-grown Saaz hops with a noble aroma, aromatic Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, and bitter Hallertauer Magnum and Hallertauer Taurus. This is why this beer is so special; even the greatest beer experts are singing its praises and justifiably calling it the most mature creation of Volfas Engelman. Be one of the first to taste this beer!

Volfas Engelman Rinktinis

Volfas Engelman, the legendary beer of the interwar period, has returned with Rinktinis and is as great now as it was then. Volfas Engelman was the largest brewery in interwar Kaunas and it brewed the most popular beer in Lithuania at the time. Fresh then and fresh now, Volfas Engelman Rinktinis is made from only pure, specially filtered water. The aromatic Perle and Magnum hops, together with the unique brewer’s yeast reveal a rich taste, while the Lithuanian pilsner-style malt gives it a light color. As you press your lips to a glass of Volfas Engelman Rinktinis beer, don’t forget that whether at the bar or at home, you’re drinking the freshest beer.

Volfas Engelman Pilzeno (Pilsner)

 A novelty of the season—Volfas Engelman Pilzeno beer. Just as in the past, today this Pilsner beer is produced from premium-quality Lithuanian pilsner-style malt, which isenriched with a unique blend of selected Czech and German aromatic and bitter hops that guarantee the unmatched taste and aroma of this beer. Perhaps it was the intensity of the taste of this beer that made it so popular in the interwar period. In 1935, as much as 62%of all Volfas Engelman beer consumed was pilsner.

During production, this beer is cooled to a temperature of –1.5ºC. This beer should be served in an elegant footed glass wrapped in a paper napkin to absorb any condensation.

Volfas Engelman Stalo Beer

Last season, Volfas Engelman brought to you Stalo beer. This specialty has been a long time in the making. The brewers who were tasked with recreating the historic Stalo beer recipe had to be very creative. The recipe was recreated according to historic sources. The beer had to be light, less than 4% abv, but definitely not watered down. Though less strong, Volfas Engelman Stalo beer retains a rich taste, brewed according to the old recipe. The brewers knew that the technology for brewing beer as light as it is today did not exist during the interwar period. Therefore, they experimented with several varieties of hops until they found the perfect combination of Lithuanian pilsner and German Munich style malts. And so, a LIGHT RICH-TASTING BEER was born. During the interwar period, it was a perfect pairing for any meal. The beer was great with dinner and Lithuanians really enjoyed drinking it on hot summer days.

Volfas Engelman Imperial Porter

From its grand history, Volfas Engelman inherited a rich dark beer aptly named Imperial Porter. The combination of hops and roasted malt gives this beer a dark mahogany color and an unforgettable taste. Usually, porter style beers are thick and heavy. This one is different. Only 6% abv. Its unique taste and color comes from a perfect combination of components: light Lithuanian Pilsner and German caramel Cara Red malts together with a duet of Perle and Magnum hops. Volfas Engelman Imperial Porter is enjoyable and easy to drink. Guests at the Hansa Day festival couldn’t agree more – they (especially the foreign guests) drank so much of the beer that on the last day of the festival, the vendors ran out of beer and the brewery was also completely tapped out.

Volfas Engelman Nealkoholinis (Non-alcoholic)

Volfas Engelman Nealkoholinis – a novelty unseen in the interwar period – is alcohol-free but boasts a full taste and a rich head and is suitable for anyone who appreciates alight-tasting beer. Volfas Engelman Nealkoholinis is the perfect choice for whoever wants to experience the real pleasure of drinking beer without becoming intoxicated.


Experts know that fresh beer is best. Fortas offers beer lovers something great to drink, with with a variety of tastes and strengths.

Fortas Ekstra šviesusis (Extra Light) – a light, balanced-taste and pleasing aroma 5% abv beer made from the highestquality barley malt, hops, brewer’s yeast, and water.

Fortas Tradicinis (Traditional) – a 6.1% abv beer. We’re happy to have produced a beer that preserves real Lithuanian beer traditions and has a unique taste and a great foamy head.

Fortas Stiprus (Strong) – a 8.1% abv light beer. This beer has brought Fortas success and notoriety – to this day, it is one of the most popular Fortas beers.

Fortas Stipriausias (Strongest) – a 9.0% abv beer. A real challenge for both brewers and beer drinkers. Stipriausiais – the strongest” is for real men.



1410 – a malted light beer that comes in a 1 pint can. It was created for the 600 year anniversary of the victory atthe Battle of Grunwald.

Horn Disel

Horn Diesel – a 5.3% abv beer known for its light, but rich, taste. Beer lovers value this beer’s rich taste, pleasant hoppy feel and high-quality barley malt and varietal hop aroma. Now available in 1 pint cans.



Smetoniška Gira (Kvass)

The brewery makes Smetoniška Gira with respect for our old traditions. This excellent quality traditional kvass is perfect for a large family gathering at the dining table. Enjoy and be healthy!

Smetoniška Porter Gira (Kvass)

The new Smetoniška Porter Gira has the strong and hoppy taste of the best of our beers. Dark and rich – that’s is why it’s so delicious. Smetoniška Porter Gira – strong, with hops!




This 4.7% abv refreshingly light FIZZ cider comes in a variety of flavors and will satisfy the most discerning cider drinker. You can choose from an assortment of flavors: the sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, the crispness of pears, the subtle taste of plums, or the rich flavor of blueberries and cherries.

A novelty of the season  – new stylish Fizz Fragolino!

Fizz Non-alcoholic

Enjoy the real taste and aroma of pears in this first non-alcoholic FIZZ cider.


A 6 % abv great tasting cider in four flavors – exotic, pear, wild strawberry, and forest berry.

Sherwood Pear and Sherwood Apple Cider

Sherwood Pear and Sherwood Apple is a cider fermented based on the best English traditions, hinting at the ripe taste of sweet pears and apples. It is a classic premium cider with English spirit. Alcohol content 4,7%, packaged in 0,33L glass bottles.




If you want a light 2.9% abv beer cocktail, then you can choose either a carbonated tequila and lemon-flavored beer cocktail or a cranberry and lime-flavored beer cocktail.

A novelty of the season – Beershake grapefruit-flavored beer coctail!



Cocktail classics 

 Mojito, Pina Colada and Cuba Libre are among the most popular in bars. Now you don’t need to mix them yourself and when you order them for your friends you can demonstrate your creativity by serving them in a proper and ingenious way.

Mojito is usually decorated with mint and wedges of lime, and Pina Colada usually has a slice of pineapple and special cocktail cherries. Cuba Libre is usually served with a wedge of lemon or lime.


JAMAICA is a 8.1 % abv cocktail known for its expressive aroma and variety of flavors. You can choose from an assortment of intriguingly exotic cocktail combinations: watermelon, cactus and lemon, kiwi and lime, tequila and lime.

A novelty of the season – Jamaica red grapefruit!


G:N is a 5.6 % abv carbonated, uniquely flavored – exotic, grapefruit, and lemon – cocktail.

Novelties of the season – G:N Cranberry and G:N Tonic taste long drinks!




Limpa Tradicinis (traditional) and Limpa Citrininis (lemon) are traditional lemonades made without preservatives. Great for children, though adults will certainly enjoy the feeling of nostalgia as they sip on this lemonade.

A novelty of the season – Limpa Tradicinis in 0,33l can!


An energy drink that helps you overcome physical and mental fatigue. DYNAMI:T – instant results!