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Boslita ir Ko, JSC

Production of alcoholic beverages

JSC “Boslita” ir Ko was established in 1997 in Kaunas, Lithuania. It is one of the first private companies in Lithuania that received state license for production of alcoholic products and is the only company in Lithuania that has exclusive right to use famous Italian wine producer’s “Bosca” trade mark in Eastern Europe. In Italy Bosca family has been involved in winemaking since 1831, so the winery established in Kaunas widely uses more than 190 years winemaking experience of legendary Bosca family.

Production of  “Boslita” ir Ko is symbol of “Bosca” traditions and strict quality requirements. Bosca family company located in famous Italian Asti region controls full production cycle and quality of ready products and supplies raw materials.


Europos ave. 40, LT – 46368, Kaunas, Lithuania
Ph.: +370 37 390270
Faksas: +370 37 390271

Export countries

  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Azerbaijan
  • USA
  • Greece


The company's activities and production

JSC “Boslita” ir Ko specializes in sparkling wine and wine beverages production. One of the most popular company‘s products is “Bosca Anniversary”. During the production process of “Bosca Anniversary” most recent technologies are used, that help us form unique flavor and quality. This spumante is produced by original “Bosca S.p.A.” recipe and technology that makes it stand out by unique taste and aroma.

“Bosca Anniversary” – one of the most popular spumantes produced by our Company. This spumante is produced according to the original “Bosca S.p.A.” recipe and technology from cuvee of carefully selected wines of European Union origin. It has a light, very delicate color and is distinguished in light, fragrant taste which is liked by many consumers. “Bosca Anniversary” is characterized by its light, delicate fruity aroma.

Bosca Anniversary ALCOHOL FREE” – since 2018 our Company has been producing alcohol free sparkling wine – 4 different kinds. Alcohol free sparkling wine is produced from grape wine, from which alcohol is removed by using special technology. It is distinguished by great refreshing taste and suits every occasion.

“Verdi” and “Sparkletini by Verdi” – spumante meant for every gastronomic culture all around the world. Connoisseurs may enjoy “Verdi” at every occasion almost like a soft drink. “Verdi” is slightly sparkling, delicately sweet beverage, with a great aroma bouquet. For all other “Verdi” is an easy and pleasing way to approach wine and enjoy its charm. The unique Bosca-patented Multistap cap preserves the bubbles over time and guarantees that the taste is unchanged each time the bottle is reopened.

“Stories of Italy” – every Italian wine has its unique story and many wonderful stories of Italy are in one way or another related with wine. We carefully selected six different Italian wines so they can tell you their story. Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC, Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC, Sangiovese Merlot Rubicone IGT, Trebbiano Chardonnay Rubicone IGT, Negroamaro Puglia IGT and Malvasia Emilia IGT.