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Žemaitijos pienas, JSC

Dairy products

JSC “Žemaitijos pienas” – one of the major and modern milk processing companies in Lithuania, the number of employees reaches more than 2000 people. JSC “Žemaitijos pienas” was established in 1924. Work experience and unique recipes accumulated during years enable to provide the customers wide range of products known for their perfect taste and high quality.


Žemaitijos pienas, JSC

Sedos str. 35, LT-87101 Telsiai
Ph. 8-444-22201
Fax 8-444-74897


Export countries

  • The Company products are appreciated by the majority of customers in Lithuania and abroad. The products of JSC “Žemaitijos pienas” are exported to European Union countries, Russian Federation, USA, Canada, etc.

The company's activities and production

Presentation of the activity and products

JSC “Žemaitijos pienas” main activity – creation, manufacturing and realization of dairy products (milk, kefir, butter, fermented cheese, string cheese sticks, processed cheese, curd snacks, curd, yogurts and other dairy products) in Lithuanian and foreign markets. Since 1997 JSC “Žemaitijos pienas” uses the most advanced in the world “Bactocatch” membrane technology. The technology principle – treatment by membrane filters, which infiltrate milk proteins and other milk components and restrain bacteria harmful for human health.