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Kėdainių konservų fabrikas, JSC

Canned food production

JSC „Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“ – a company producing canned vegetables, fruits and a big variety of sauces, established on 1st of August in 1944. The company will celebrate 75-year anniversary in 2019. The range offered exceed 120 different products, from mayo sauces and tomato sauces, to all kind of marinades, soups and jams. During the production process the company uses only the highest quality raw materials, without conservatives, food dyes, genetically modified materials and flavor enhancers.


JSC „Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“

Kėdainių g. 50, Šingalių k., Josvainių sen., LT-58191 Kėdainių raj.

Tel.: +370 347 77282
Mobile.: +370 686 56991



Export countries

  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Denmark
  • Great Britain
  • Ivory Coast
  • Estonia
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • USA
  • UAE
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • France
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Canada

The company's activities and production

“Kėdainių“ canned food brand is one of the most well-known and recognized canned food brand in Lithuania and the production is exported to 25 different countries.

Kedainiai region is in a unique location, where favorable climate and soil conditions have led to a huge number of vegetable growers. Therefore, the first product of the Kėdainiai canning factory was pickles, which still are produced according to authentic recipe and technology. Constant and continuous investment in manufacturing equipment, product development, management and quality process improvement allow ensuring that products are made efficiently and meet the needs of the customers and does not violate any quality and safety regulations.

In 2018, “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas” completed the installation of a new mayonnaise and sauce production unit, which increased the company’s production capacity and allowed to expand the product range even more. Over 1.5 million euros was invested in a new production unit which allowed the company to increase the production and canning several times, which has reached up to 10 million tons per year.

JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas” joined the initiative of Lithuanian Health Ministry in 2018 to improve general composition of food products by voluntarily reducing overall quantity of sugar, salts and fat in their products. In 2019 the company achieved BRC FOOD certificate which was issued after “Bureau Veritas” detailed audit inside the factory. BRC FOOD safety certificate is internationally recognized as a standard valuating food safety and quality. The certificate confirms that a substantial amount of attention goes to raw material quality, choice of suppliers, manufacturing process and that the company exceeds all food safety and quality regulations.

Lithuanian product of the year awards:

  • „Gaminu su meile“ tomato sauce with basil – JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 2018 GOLD MEDAL;
  • Mayonnaise LIETUVIŠKAS original – JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 2018 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • Hard cheese spread with garlic – JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 2017 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • JUBILIEJINIAI pickles with oak leaves – JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 2015 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • Cucumber salad – JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 2012 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • Salad with tuna and beans – JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 2012 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • Canned, sliced beetroots ​​in apple juice – JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 2011 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas”, mayonnaise without preservatives with honey and grain mustard, 2009 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas”, borsch with boletus, 2008 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, “Kėdainių“ mayonnaise without preservatives, 2007 m. SILVER MEDAL;
  • JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas”, natural tomato sauce with horseradish, 2006 m. GOLD MEDAL;
  • JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, tuna with corn for sandwiches, 2005 m.;
  • Pickle soup, JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas”, 2002 m.;
  • Pickled mushrooms, JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 2001 m.;
  • “Ypatingas“ tomato sauce, “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas” JSC, 2000 m.;
  • Vegetable assorti “Margutis”, JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 1999 m.;
  • Pickles, JSC “Kėdainių konservų fabrikas“, 1998 m.

Participation in international exhibitions:

  • „GULFOOD 2018“, Dubai;
  • „FOODEX JAPAN 2018“, Tokyo;
  • „PLMA 2018“, Amsterdam;
  • „ALIMENTARIA 2018“, Barcelona;
  • „PLMA-2017“, Amsterdamas;
  • „Anuga-2017“, Germany;
  • „FHC-China“, 2017 m., Shanghai;
  • „ProdExpo“ lingonberry and tomato sauce GOLD MEDAL, 2012 m.;
  • „AgroBalt“ lingonberry and tomato sauce GOLD MEDAL, 2012 m.