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Cerera foods, JSC

Breakfast cereals and corn puffs

Cerera foods is a Joint Stock company which was established in 1995. At that time the main business activities of the company were the import and export food. In 2000 the company successfully launched a new production line of puffed corn sticks and in order to continue expansion and improve quality in 2005 the company acquired a modern production line and started producing top of the range breakfast cereal. Since then Cerera foods continues to delight its consumers by making new, various and delicious products.  Sales of the company continue to grow fast year after year and it shows by the continuous growth of admirers of Cerera foods products not only in Lithuania but in other countries around the world.


Kertupio str. 20B, LT-54486, Neveronys
Kaunas distr., Lithuania
Phone: 00 370 37 475 190
Fax: 00 370 37475170

Export countries

  • Latvia
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • USA
  • Algeria
  • Estonia
  • Ukraine
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Morocco
  • Belarus
  • Japan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Australia
  • China

The company's activities and production

The entire production process in Cerera foods products is performed through the application of an aseptic method.  This method means that the product is being not handled from the time its feed into the production line up to the time its packed and sealed. The production process uses the extrusion technology, where raw materials are cooked under high pressure steam (without using any fat). Due to this method, the product preserves a lot of its beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Only natural raw materials are used for production. Using Modern technologies, a completely automated line, high quality raw materials, various packing and exclusive tastes represent just a few of the features that gives Cerera foods products their uniqueness.

The company has been continuously improving its operations by implementing the systems for Safe Product and Quality Management.  The HACCP Quality Management System was put into practice by the company in 2001. By following these high standards Cerera foods can assure its customers of continuous  high quality production. In 2008 the company also achieved ISO22000 certificate which continues in its purpose of assuring food safety in all production and supply.  Cerera foods continues in its endeavors to become one of the top cereal producers and achieved the BRC quality mark in 2011 and will continue to improve all the processes including production, sales and logistics so that all our customers are happy and satisfied throughout the process.

Our Mission and Vision

Cerera foods’s mission is to produce high-quality, healthy and tasty products which will assist in making the consumption of healthy foods more understandable popular and accessible to both adults and children. Cerera foods’s vision is to become the biggest breakfast cereals company in the Baltic states, to make the brand name of the company known throughout the  world and to continue to grow as a successful own label supplier.