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Biržų duona, JSC

“Biržų duona” is one of the oldest, bigest and most advanced Lithuanian capital bread bakeries established in 1953 in Biržai, Lithuania. The company is high evaluated as a producer of rye bread. Also produces 100 % rye breads, rye-wheat breads, wheat breads, long loafs, bread sticks (it. Grissini), croissants, pies, buns, donuts, cookies and puddings. The main goal of the bakery is to provide the unique and delicious pastries of the highest quality for every consumer. Production is made of the highest quality raw material, there is applied newest technologies in manufacturing and the long-term experience is used. Long term investments to advanced technologies and employees’ trainings allow to adapt to the requirements of nowadays market.


Plento g. 6, LT-41128 Birzai, Lithuania
Phone / Fax: + 370 450 31871

Export countries

  • Latvia
  • USA
  • Greece
  • Great Britain

The company's activities and production

The company specializes as a producer of various types of bread, pies, buns, donuts, cookies and other products of confectionary with the amount of 100 different kind products. There are baked over 15 tones of products a day which are transported to all regions of Lithuania as well as to other countries. The bakery also produces zero sugar and ecological products. For this moment “Biržų duona” is probably the only bakery in Lithuania which is baking the bread of just rye flour. Dough is soured naturally, none of any synthetic or chemical supplements are used. That long and careful preparation and baking process ensures unique taste of the bread.

“Biržų duona” puts big efforts that production would reach the consumer’s table being fresh and delicious while baking and delivering products every single day. Also company provides and partly baked frozen production which realization term is up to 18 months while eventually becomes fresh and warm bread on your table with saved taste and smell features.

Houswife’s Bread
Round loaf, rich color and flavor, sweet and sour aste, served with malt extract, hand-shaped bread is especially appreciated by customers.

“Biržų krašto Senolių” bread
Bread is made of rye flour only and has been valued by the consumers for more than 50 years now. It is the benchmark for home-made Lithuanian bread as it is made under the old traditions by using rich naturallyfermented sourdough. Bread is not fluffy but it is organic and very healthy. The slice of this manually formed rye bread with a strong cumin flavour makes a good counterpoint to any meal.

Yeast-free rye bread
This yeast-free, naturally leavened rye bread is very appreciable by organic lifestyle consumers because of a rich source of B-vitamins and easier assimilation. Sweet-and-sour flavor and organic raw materials makes this bread specially tasty and it remains fresh for a long so you are be able to enjoy it till the last slice.

Rustic rye bread with sunflower seeds
Bread is made from wheat and rye flour, enriched with sunflower seeds, flax linseed and raisins. Sunflower kernels ensure a gentle fruity taste.

Bread „Salinta“
Gently fruity light scalded bread with caraway seeds is baked following an original cherished recipe of Biržai bakers dating back some decades.

Breadsticks (grissini) „Svogūnėlis“
Long, thin pieces of crispy, dry bread. They are made with just flour, water, salt and organic sautéed chopped spring onions. The most popular accompaniment not only to Italian meals. Grissini is great snack either at home or while travelling.

Hand made biscuits
We love the way our hand-made biscuits melt in your mouth, the nibbly crumbs, jammy centres and exceptional tops. Our biscuits are freshly baked, lovingly crafted by hand and made using only the finest locally sourced ingredients. This ensures they are rich in taste also making them the perfect choice for you.